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The International Vocabulary of General and Basic Terms in Metrology (VIM) is an internationally accepted document that provides technical definitions of metrology, calibration and other measurement related terms. According to the VIM, metrology is “the science and practice of measurement.” Metrology is important in some way to every human endeavor and is critical to all the physical, chemical and biological sciences and the technologies and manufacturing processes that eminate from them.

Mankind has established measurements since the beginning of known time, which itself was one of the first measurements. Ancient civilizations measured their farming, the trading of goods, the construction of buildings and the paths of the stars and planets. Today, measurement is not only fundamental to science and technology but also to management of our economy, our educational system and of business at large.

Measurement is a process of obtaining data, comparing the data to pre-determined references, calibrating discrepancies and validating this process. Once the validation has been complete, the measurement becomes trustworthy. These processes are key components in STEM education.

Green Energy Research, Inc., distributes state of the art calibration equipment for thermo-hygrometers, hygrometers and other hygro instruments. Green Energy Research,Inc., makes more than 100 different sensors to measure data such as distance, force, light, sound, gas pressure, motion, temperature, voltage, current and more.

We offer more than 20 different controllers including:

  • Analog/digital Interface Boards
  • Single Board Computers
  • Servo Controllers
  • DC Motor Controllers
  • Stepper Controllers
  • Relays
  • Plus all motors and accessories.

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